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datamir was established in December, 2020. We are a team of young and creative people who are eager to learn and push forward.

As part of the Libelle IT Group, we develop innovative solutions together which are in use by companies around the world.

This is our story...
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All the way back in 1994. Libelle AG was first established in Germany. Over the years, HQ moved to Stuttgart, and grew more and more. Libelle now operates out of the USA and France as well, with headquarters based in Atlanta, USA and near Paris, France. With the releases of new products and further expansion of the company, the need for new developers grew – and this is where we enter Libelle’s 27 year journey.
In December 2020. datamir d.o.o. was established in Lipik, Croatia, as a helper development branch.

Croatia was chosen for its recent developments in the IT area. When discussing locations, our founders, Hans-Joachim Krüger and Johann Vranić, decided to go with ‘relaxed and quiet’ environment, which is a perfect fit for the fast-paced jobs like ours.
Surrounded by wonderful nature, with recent developments and new projects, Lipik became an obvious choice.

datamir d.o.o. started with only 6 employees but managed to reach close to 30 in just a little over a year.
Do not be surprised to see only young, fresh out of college, employees here at datamir d.o.o. We believe in giving people a chance. It is the young who will shape our future. Every beginning is difficult, but a mentor and a team will be there to help guide you on the right path – we understand the importance of mentorship. Our passion for software development is the reason we continue to follow all the latest trends and bring innovations to our products.

“This is a success story” – Founder, Hans-Joachim Krüger

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We are based in Lipik, Croatia.

You can find us here at Inkubator, Poduzetnička zona II.

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