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Software for Different Platforms and Devices

As a part of Libelle IT Group, we are responsible for the co-development of high-performance modules that power all of their products. With a wide variety of supported landscapes, we have to make sure our solutions are as generalizable as possible. We achieve this by having an understanding of every layer of the underlying technology stack and then finding areas for improvement.

Working in a Team

Challenging Problems are not a Problem

At datamir, we are focused on solving problems on an everyday basis. We achieve this by having an agile mindset, in which we put the emphasis on exchanging ideas.

Together we bring out the best in each and every one of us!

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Availability of Systems

We provide modules that form the basis of the high availability and disaster recovery solution Libelle BusinessShadow®. Here, we implement the features that keep data centers running around the clock.

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Copying of Systems

Libelle SystemCopy is the framework for conducting system copies on a large scale. It consists of sophisticated tasks, which we provide and which support different systems and databases.

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Anonymization of Systems

Anonymizing sensitive data is a walk in the park when using Libelle DataMasking. To ensure the referential integrity of the transformation, we realize algorhitms for anonymization of different data entities.

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