We visited AI Center in Lipik!

March 16, 2022
Dobrivoj Dakić
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We visited AI Center in Lipik and gave the students a first-hand presentation of the company, products and more!

About AI Center Lipik

AI Center Lipik was established in 2020. as a department within Lipik's development and tourism agency LIRA d.o.o. Center itself consists of two departments - Educational center and Business Incubator of Artificial Intelligence. The Educational center oversees educating and training students, while Business Incubator offers accommodation and supports companies in the programming and AI business.

What did we talk about?

Libelle IT Group and datamir were introduced by our consultants, Valentino Getliher and Luka Penezić. Many products were presented, keeping the focus on products our consultants work with; Libelle DataMasking and Libelle SystemCopy. The goal of this presentation was to familiarize potential future colleagues from the AI Center with our work to spark an interest in employment.

datamir in cooperation with LIRA recognizes the quality and importance of AI Center Lipik as well as their students and on that basis plans to further develop the company itself and open new job positions.

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