Visit to the University of Virovitica

January 24, 2023
Ana Novokmet
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Libelle at the University of Virovitica

After signing and processing the Agreement of Cooperation between Libelle IT Group and University of Virovitica it was time for us to visit the university once more and give a closer introduction of the company to the students.

The goal of this visit was to invite bright students who wish to learn more to join us and further expand their knowledge through practical work with mentors.

Agreement of Cooperation opens up many new opportunities for the students, such as:

  • Paid internship
  • Thesis work with the help of experienced mentors/seniors
  • Continuation of work after graduation

Students, did we spark an interest? Take a look at our open positions and apply, and don’t worry if you are from a different university – opportunities are all the same!

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