Meet Our Teams Part 5: Cloud Integration

September 13, 2022
Ana Novokmet
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What is the main role of Cloud team?  

The main role of Cloud team is setting up Libelle IT Group products on different cloud providers. Products are available on three different platforms at the moment; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud.

Products available on the AWS and Azure platforms are Libelle DataMasking and Libelle SystemCopy, while next generation software Libelle DataSuite, which groups up all Libelle products into one, will be available soon as well. Libelle CloudShadow is available on IBM Cloud platform.

Cloud team also works with product demo versions, which are free and are used to try out Libelle software and its capabilities. Demo versions are available at

Cloud team sets up Libelle software on cloud platforms by using different technologies and following these main steps:

  1. Fetching latest product versions in .zip type of files
  1. Adjusting files and creation of suitable shell scripts
  1. Using of 'Packer' tool by HashiCorp for creation of virtual images
  1. Configuring and setting up virtual images on the market
  1. Testing the operation of virtual images

Reason why Cloud and hybrid architectures are used is first of all savings as well as flexibility and efficiency.  These aforementioned advantages are adapted to Libelle products and are supplemented by the specific requirements of the market and customers.

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