Meet Our Teams Part 4: HA

August 23, 2022
Mario Keć
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What is the main role of HA team?

The main role of HA team is to work on development of an in-house solution for High availability / Disaster Recovery - Libelle BusinessShadow®.
With Libelle BusinessShadow® you can setup highly available, mirrored database systems which keep your data available and your systems protected not only from hardware or application errors, but also from elemental damages, or data loss due to human error.
Together with QA team we make sure to always provide top quality solutions for our clients.

Which database systems does our solution support?

How do we ensure that your IT is available again as quickly as possible?

All our solutions in the area of HA/DR are designed to provide our clients with complete and error-free systems and data as quickly and automatically as possible in any emergency.

What makes our solution so successful and desirable is our unique, patented time funnel – it is used to mirror the data from the productive system to the standby system with a time delay.

In case of a problem, you can easily and quickly switch your mirror system to a point in time before the error occurred. This allows users to continue their work directly with correct and consistent data.

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