Meet Our Teams Part 3: IT

May 27, 2022
Valerian Bahnik
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What is the main role of IT?

The main role of IT team is maintenance of the existing infrastructure and setting up environments/in-house solutions for Libelle IT Group’s programmers (Libelle AG and datamir d.o.o.). Apart from these tasks, IT team also partakes in product development, working together with the other teams to improve the quality of Libelle products.  Another task that IT is responsible for is creation, maintenance and administration of the servers used for all of our processes.

Tools we use:

  • Jenkins – automation of releases for final product versions
  • Redmine – tool used for continued work monitoring
  • Libelle Wiki – all necessary information can be found and accessed there

In order to make our products as high quality and competitive as possible, the development is based on SCRUM programming framework and Dev Ops development method.

Development of products inside the Libelle IT Group:

Each new idea requires very complex and thorough decisions, which are not always so easy to follow. SCRUM programming framework facilitates the management of such complex tasks, inside the teams, as well as giving excellent results at the end of the sprint. To maintain the quality of our products is the top priority of each and every team inside Libelle IT group – which is one of the reasons Libelle’s IT team decided to adapt Dev Ops method. Using this method, we are able to keep all the other teams informed about the status of products they are working on.

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