Meet Our Teams Part 2: LDM

April 25, 2022
Silvio Putak
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What is the main role of LDM?

The main role of the LDM team (Libelle AG and datamir d.o.o.) is to maintain product and provide customer support. Security of private data is in danger in this day and age.
Libelle DataMasking (LDM) is a solution made to resolve the issue with security and create systems for testing, evaluations, or migrations.

The results of the masking are:

  • realistically looking names for persons
  • correct addresses
  • unique, new personnel numbers
  • IBANs with newly calculated check digits
  • credit card numbers with newly calculated check digits

Libelle DataMasking masks non-production data according to predefined rules. It uses predefined or customized profiles to mask data like names, e-mails, addresses, account numbers, and other person identifying data.

How do we handle such important tasks?

As we provide support for many databases, we strive to optimize the system for better results and anonymization speed. We want our customers to feel satisfied using our software. In order for everything to work in a team, everyone has their role and task.
Our team in Lipik consists of two developers working on front-end and back-end development, and one consultant for technical support.

At the end of each month we have a release day, where we release a stable version and additional features. Before we release the version, it must first go through various tests in which the QA team is responsible.

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