Meet Our Teams Part 1: QA

February 16, 2022
Mateo Kiš
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What is the main role of the QA team?

The main role of the QA team is to test the products of the Libelle IT Group (Libelle AG and datamir d.o.o.) before release to ensure their quality. On the release day, each product receives an appropriate grade, ranged from 1 (very well) to 6 (insufficient). A product can be released if it gets a 4 or better.

Since the duty of QA team is to control over 30 products, the only way to achieve this is to automate all tests as fully as possible, that’s why we are continuously working on expanding the "fully automated QA" and adapting it to the current products and features. In close cooperation with developers of our BusinessUnits, the requirements are determined on the basis of tickets, specifications, product manuals or system documentation, test plans are created and prioritized, tests are implemented and their execution is monitored.

QA is currently taking care of over 100 systems with various operating systems and databases in order to enable the automatization.

Are the QA tests automated?

Yes. For automatic testing, QA developed its own test framework called LibelleTests also known as lite, which is still in development. It's based on LibellePlatform, LibelleShell (LSH) and Python. Lite and its test results can be freely viewed internally at the Intranet and developers can also use it.

In addition to Lite, QA has started using Python RobotFramework as a test automation tool to be used on Libelle IT Group's NextGeneration Software (NGS). Robot Framework is open source, Python-based, extensible keyword-driven automation framework for various types of testing. It also has a rich ecosystem around it consisting of various generic libraries and tools that are developed as separate projects.

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